• Dogs have had their day, $JELLY is coming for the top

    About us

    Meet $JELLY, the crypto meme coin that's making waves in the BSC space with a statement as bold as a jellyfish in the open sea. In a world dominated by canine-themed coins, $JELLY arrives with a fresh perspective, declaring that the era of dog runs in the crypto space is over. It's time for a new meta, and $JELLY is here to take the helm. Just like a jellyfish gracefully navigating the currents, $JELLY aims to bring a unique touch to the crypto market, challenging the status quo and ushering in a new era of excitement and innovation. Join the $JELLY community and let's ride the tide of change together!

    Experienced Team

    We have an experienced team of developers, designers, and community managers that have collectively been involved with successful previous projects in the space.

    Transparent Process

    No hidden mints, tricks, airdrops, pre-pumps or whatsoever are included.

    Fast Growing Community

    $JELLY's strength lies in its robust community – a major key to crypto success!

    Special Event

    Jelly Pot is revolutionizing the telegram crypto space, by making the first lottery and raffle bot. By adding the bot to a telegram group, teams can create fun and interactive contests that bring the whole telegram community together. Find out more by going by visiting our Telegram at @Jellycommunity


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    Total Supply

    1,000,000 $JELLY

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